CEBRA Research webinar #19: Forecasting trade and biosecurity risk under climate change



Climate change and increasing globalisation of international trade and human movement has dramatically increased the exposure to new pests and diseases that can have devastating economic, environmental and social impacts for affected countries. To be best prepared to adapt and mitigate these threats, it is critical to forecast and understand what impacts may occur and which economic sectors are likely to be affected most severely.

As part of a multi-year project, CEBRA has developed models aimed at improving government foresight into which global regions and economic sectors are most susceptible to changing climate, how international trade flows may change as a result, and what consequences this may have for biosecurity risk material hitting Australia and the borders of its trading partners.


  • Halyomorpha halys
  • Lymantria dispar
  • pests (general)
  • Trogoderma granarium


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